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about the SYNC By Melady Headphones

SYNC By Melady over-ear headphones delivers premium sound while blocking external noise with Noise Cancellation!


Smart Audio Device

Access all of your favorite Apps & Audio right from your finger tips via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth capabilities

EMF Protection & Technology

These headphones are integrated with EMF Protection technology to stop harmful radiation and waves while listening to your Audio!

Internal Storage

16-64GB Internal memory bank for storing Audio, Video, and Data directly onto the Headset!

External Bluetooth Speaker

Built-In External Speaker to bring anywhere! Enjoy portable, booming bass with crisp sound!

Key Features of this Smart Device

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Got Crypto? No Worries! Now you can save it on your MetaMask Wallet App integrated on our Smart Device!

Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancelling continuously pinpoints, isolates, and cancels exterior noise in real time to play sound the way it was intended!

Langauge Interpreter

Use the SYNC By Melady as a communication device to translate languages

Sleek Design

Over-ear headphones with Advanced venting to aid noise cancelling technology. They also have Ergonomic pivoting ear cups with a Height: 7.2 in /18.4 cm and Weight: 9.17 oz / 260 g


Embodied with Bluetooth® Capabilities, providing seamless setup and switching for your Apple & Android devices, with extended range and fewer dropouts. Wirelessly share audio such as songs, podcasts, or movies with SYNC By Melady Headphones. Micro USB port is also included

Power & Charging

Up to 30+ hours of battery life with crisp noise cancellation! A 10-minute charge provides at least 3 hours of playback. Embodied with a durable Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery!

Bold sound for every adventure!

The bold new SYNC By Melady is integrated with an External Bluetooth Speaker that delivers powerful Pro Audio Sound with exceptional clarity!

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Style and flavor to SYNC with any Lifestyle

SYNC By Melady headphones are engineered for all-day comfort and enjoyment to fit many. The holistic design is lightweight, durable, and comfortable, so YOU can get lost in your Audio and engage in the Experience!

These headphones are perfect for numerous lifestyles such as:


DJ's & Audio Producers


Online Gamers

Audio E-Book Listeners

Tech Enthusiast & Developers



Even when your disconnected from your cellular device you can still enjoy your favorite audio files, surf the web, and forward your calls on your SYNC Headphones

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Bronze Package

$199/Pre-Sale Price

32 GB of Internal Memory

Noise Cancellation

Android Marketplace

30+ Hours of Battery Life

Bluetooth & WiFi Capabilities

External Speaker

State of the Art EMF Protection

Frequently asked Questions

What would you like to know?

After the fundraiser is officially over it will take between 60-90 Days to complete manufacturing depending on the quantity. After that another month for testing, shipping to our warehouse here in America, and then mailing out to you the customer. So realistically we are looking to deliver our first headsets between May-June 2023.

Yes they are compatible with both Android and Apple Devices

As of now they only come in the standard Black and Gold colorway

You charge the Headsets via the micro USB Slot

You can utilize any brand, but it must be a Nano Sim Card

By the simple switch of a button on the side of the headsets

Compatible with Apple & Android

Easily connect to Apple & Android devices via Bluetooth® right out of the box.